A Paradigm Shift Is Underway


The MANTAS™ product line scales from 4' to 12' and addresses a variety of challenges.  MANTAS™ is controlled in manual, semi-autonomous, or autonomous modes.  MANTAS™ vessels are customizable to your requirements, including high speed, location loitering, and traveling long distances.  MANTAS™ is designed to be a maritime platform that can accommodate a variety of payload options.


MANTAS™ lineage is rooted in the offshore powerboat industry.  These are the big brothers of MANTAS™.  The hull configuration of the MANTAS is a mirror image of the larger powerboat hull, on a smaller scale.

Benefits of a MANTAS™ System


  • Cover large areas reducing your monitoring, surveying, and control costs
  • Operate in difficult or hazardous environments removing your employees from harm's way
  • Be on task 24/7/365, reducing employee costs
  • Be flexible so you can achieve multi-role objectives including monitoring, surveying, searching, and inspecting
  • Allows manual, semi-autonomous, or autonomous maneuvers
  • Achieve your Unmanned Service Vessel (USV) goals quickly and inexpensively

MANTAS™ Features


World Class Leader In the Unmanned Maritime Market


  • Scalable, allowing you to choose the model and configuration best suited to your objectives
  • Speed and maneuverability
  • Easily mobilized and demobilized by a single operator
  • Controlled by one or more operators
  • Multiple choices for communication and sensor packages
  • Line replaceable units (LRUs) allow easy replacement of communications, payload and core components
  • Performs multiple tasks with 3+ hours on a single charge.  Also available are solar panels featured on certain models that allow many days/months/years capability
  • Extremely affordable

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