MANTAS™ Unmanned Surface Vessel


Performance.  Safety.  Coverage.  Rugged.  Affordable.


The MANTAS™ platform is a combination of portable unmanned maritime vessels, along with an easy to use operator interface called TASKER™. Paired with the right sensor package, MANTAS™ and TASKER™ can perform multiple missions on a single platform.

The MANTAS™ Platform



The Vessel


MARTAC™ designed the MANTAS™ vehicles specifically for multi-role autonomous unmanned operation. The MANTAS™ blends established state-of-the-art racing platform performance, aerodynamic and hydrodynamic characteristics, and payload versatility in a one-of-a-kind small vessel form factor.





The Software


TASKER™ is a Command and Control (C2) System that interfaces with MANTAS™ vehicles anywhere from a single device.  It is comprised of a rugged laptop or personal device driving the vehicle control system. TASKER™ facilitates the operator’s administration of the MANTAS™ vessel and displays onboard sensor data, video, and vessel telemetry.


TASKER™ is easy to use .  Operators can control MANTAS™ by simply pointing and clicking to create way-points and execute the mission. They can also take back control in semi-autonomous mode, or have full control in manual mode.


TASKER™ capitalizes on the availability, portability, and low cost of commercially available devices such as Android and Apple phones, tablets, iPads, and even game controllers to maneuver the MANTAS™.





Practice Without Pressure


Anyone can benefit from experiencing simulator time. MARTAC™ developed a fully operational cyber simulator called MANTASIM™.


This virtual simulator allows your operator to “learn by doing”, giving them valuable knowledge prior to operating MANTAS™ in the real world.


MANTASIM™ mimics manual, semi-autonomous, and autonomous modes. It visually emulates the real-life version of TASKER™ by displaying aerial maps, GPS, LAT/LONG, compass, throttle, waypoints, and other situation feedback. It is the ideal tool for operational planning, examination, and pre-mission run-throughs.



MANTAS™ Advantages


Low Cost


Sensor Fusion Friendly


Real Time Data


Configurable User Interface


Data Archival Capability


IP-based Communications System


Multi-platform Deployable (Windows/Linux/Android/iOS)


Platform and Sensor Agnostic


Controls sensors and platforms remotely/globally


Scalable to emerging mission requirements


Transfers risk from human to machine




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